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Jess Mabel Jones

Inclusive Performance Coordinator

Specialising in pre-production and on-set direction, acting coaching and advocacy for Learning Disabled, Neurodivergent and Autistic actors and Inclusive Workplace consultation.

A photo of Jess who is smiling gently. She looks to the left of the image and is holding a pen and a notebook. Jess has a dark brown straight fringe and curly hair tied up with a scrunchie. She is wearing a navy t-shirt and big gold earrings.

"Watching Jess at work was a genuine privilege. She is establishing a vital new role in TV and is an essential part of any production within which Learning Disabled and Autistic performers are involved. The culture of TV is shifting and productions would do well to have Jess as part of the team."

 - Patrick Spence, Creative Director, ITV Studios

"Jess rocks."


- Jules Hussey, Brazen Productions, 'Ralph & Katie' Producer

"To put it simply, we could not have shot Ralph & Katie without the input from Jess. As a director Jess was an invaluable tool that allowed us to get the most from our cast. It was a true pleasure to form a creative bond with her & I have no doubt that the project wouldn’t have achieved its potential without Jess"


- Jordan Hogg, 'Ralph & Katie' Director


"Jess’ invention, her creativity, her humour, and her commitment to the job was awe inspiring. Her openness to ideas and her ability to translate the ideas of the production team into a workable and creative dialogue with Leon and Sarah both protected and empowered both performers. She also choreographed a dance routine that will, I am sure, become an iconic television moment. 


Always collaborative yet unafraid to suggest new ways forward to meet the challenges of the filming day, Jess was an indispensable part of the Ralph and Katie team.


I have written several dramas featuring actors with learning disabilities over the last twenty years,  from 'Flesh and Blood' to 'From There To Here' to 'Marvellous' and most recently three series of 'The A Word'. Jess opened the door to a new way of working which will certainly transform my practice and will hopefully transform the practice of many in the industry."

- Peter Bowker, 'Ralph & Katie' Showrunner and Ep 1. writer



"Jess is a very kind, cool, awesome person. She’s part of the Ralph & Katie family and is someone I want to work with. Jess was there for me and helped a lot with things like the script in rehearsals and directing on set. She also helped me when the scenes were upsetting. Working with Jess was very fun too- the best bit was when we choreographed a dance!"


- Leon Harrop, 'Ralph' in 'Ralph & Katie'

"I had the great fortune of working with Jess on the BBC show Ralph and Katie. The experience she brought to the production proved to be essential. The assured innovative techniques that she introduced to the team were both inspiring and an education. Jess's sensitive evaluations gave the production an insight into how to maximise performance and her instinctive judgments gave us the confidence to know how to proceed. We had a tight team and Jess was a vital and valued part. l look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with her again. However, Jess’ cooking prowess left a lot to be desired. Her much-hyped crepes were somewhat disturbing. I know she didn't have a spatula but that wasn't really a good enough excuse." 


- Ian Adrian, 'Ralph & Katie' Director of Photography​

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